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strict quality management
companies need advanced scientific management and highly efficient team to serve the new south africa on the road to evolving clearly understand this point, in the full implementation of iso :9001-2000 quality management system at the same time, through the implementation of scientific and legal management, the formation of a high-efficiency, high-quality management system. in the automobile and parts industry evolving today, the new south africa who have seen their own inadequacies, based on the original continuous improvement, it is also to higher standards to their own requirements, through strict accordance with iso / ts16949: 2002 quality management system to improve their own systems in order to further improve quality assurance, new south closer and internationalization of enterprises.
rigorous research and innovation
stop before it means that someone else does not go beyond the new south africa who keep in mind this truth, always keep a cool head on technological innovation and new product development invested enormous human and material resources. all customer-centric and strive to make our products fully meet the requirements of the vehicle industry.
"innovation is the soul of a nation's progress is an inexhaustible motive force for national prosperity," we will strive to improve the core technology competitive ability of enterprises.
perfect production equipment
the company has a number of advanced equipment, including several automatic drilling, tapping a combination of machine tools, precision cnc lathes and dozens of advanced stamping equipment. all from the product assembly lines, hydraulic parts are enclosed clean room assembly line, ensuring cleanliness. advanced production technology and equipment plus new south unique production process and the new south intelligence staff, creating a new position today in south africa products in automotive parts.
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